Principal’s Message

Allahabad Bible Seminary, an evangelical theological institution with ecumenical outlook trains committed men and women for the effective fruitful ministry in India and abroad.It is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-denominational institution having students from all states and Churches of India. Major denominational churches, Para church organizations and missionary societies send their candidates to the Seminary for theological education. We provide theological education within the evangelical framework with societal commitment. We cater a relevant theological orientation to the students to respond to the needs and challenges of the Church and Society in this 21st century. Our ministerial and academic programmes are structured with a sole purpose of communicating the life transforming and liberative message of the Gospel to transform the society.

Since its inception, Allahabad Bible Seminary has produced many Church leaders, Seminary teachers, Theologians, Social workers, Evangelists, Church Planters etc… to the Indian Church. Our graduates have been doing commendable work in their respective ministerial locations. It is evident from the appreciatory comments of the Church leaders of different faith traditions.

The academic atmosphere of the Seminary has been enriched by the availability of an experienced faculty team in all branches of the theological education under the Senate of Serampore College (University). Our academic programmes are offered in Hindi and English to meet the ministerial needs of the entire Church in India. Well equipped computerized library makes our study programmes vibrant and meaningful. We offer academic exposure programmes to the faculty and students to formulate relevant theological discourses to mould the faith community to face the challenges of the present century.

The practical ministry exposure programmes of the Seminary offer enough opportunities for students to get the ministry exposure in city and village locations. Our ministry programmes are focused to empower all sections of society with the message of the Gospel. Our primary focus is to share the salvation in and through Jesus Christ. We involve in the society to heal the physical and spiritual wounds of the people. Our work among the marginalized sections of Society under the leadership of Social Services Department makes our ministry programmes meaningful and successful. The devotional life of the Seminary is nurtured by the devotions and counseling by the Seminary faculty, retreat leaders and missionaries. The Publications of Allahabad Bible Seminary shows the academic vivacity of the Seminary community. We praise God for these ministerial provisions in our Seminary life.

In fact, Allahabad Bible Seminary is not only a centre of academics but also a centre of ministry. We equip, enlighten and empower the future leaders of the Indian Church to lead the faith community in experiencing the practicality of the liberative message of the Gospel. It is to be noted that the collective endeavors of faculty and students have brought the Seminary thus far. We humbly invite you to become a part of Allahabad Bible Seminary and be blessed by the ministry of the Seminary. Looking back with gratitude and looking forward with hope, we dedicate this website to give sufficient information about the Seminary and it various programmes.

In Christ,

Prof. Rev. J. Sundara Raj