The Allahabad Bible Seminary is one of the few theological seminaries in India that offers courses in both English and Hindi medium. This is to train people to meet the needs of the churches especially in North India. The Seminary has an experienced faculty team and a well-equipped computerized library.

Courses Offered (Residential) 
Allahabad Bible Seminary offers Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) programme, the basic theological programme of the Senate of Serampore College (University). It is being offered in two categories:

  1. Bachelor of Divinity ( 5 years) Both in English and Hindi Medium (12th pass candidates)
  2. Bachelor of Divinity (4 years)  Both in English and Hindi Medium (Graduate of any discipline from a recognized university)

Admission Requirement for B.D. (5 year)

  1. Candidate who has passed Pre University/10 plus two examination from a recognized Board or University, and is qualified to be admitted to a degree course in an Indian University, shall be admitted to the first year program.

Category I: B.Th degree holders in first and second class shall be admitted in the fourth year of degree programme. (Two years study)
Category II: B.Th degree holders in third class shall be admitted in the third year of the degree Programme (Three years study)

Procedure for Admission
Applicants desiring admission should submit by 15th of March the following documents:

  1. The application form fully completed and signed.
  2. True copies of the applicant’s certificates and mark lists showing the complete record of his/her academic achievements. Transfer /Migration certificate from the University/Board is needed at the time of admission.
  3. A personal statement giving evidence of one’s experience of conversion i.e. testimony, commitment to Christ and call to Christian ministry.
  4. A Medical certificate from a qualified Medical Practitioner on the prescribed form.
  5. Recommendation letters from the following:
    1. Concerned Pastor
    2. A leading Church official\Bishop\President
    3. A responsible person not involved in Church work (such as a teacher, a former employer)
  6. A statement giving full details on the prescribed form regarding financial support, including a letter of sponsorship from the sponsoring body.

Entrance Examination 
All applicants for admission to the regular course of study are required to pass an entrance examination at ABS in the month of June / July of the academic year and also attend an interview

The examination will cover the following:

  1. Bible Knowledge – 2 Hours
  2. English Comprehension: Grammar and written expression of English – 2 1/2 Hours.
  3. General Knowledge

Date of examination will be informed to the short listed candidates.

Class Work
The academic year is divided into two semesters of 16 weeks each with a minimum of 15 weeks of actual class instruction. The normal class load for students is approximately 19 hours. (i.e. 19 class periods of 50 minutes each) per week.

Course Examinations
Examination and evaluation are conducted by the Senate/Seminary as per procedures and rules laid down by the Senate of Serampore College.

  1. The Annual examinations for the BD course, under the Senate are normally held during March/April each year.  College examination shall, however, will be conducted at the end of each semester.
  2. Each paper is of three hours duration and covers the subject matter indicated in the syllabus.
  3. All the Senate/College examinations for the BD degree shall normally be evaluated by two examiners.

Grading System
The pass marks in each course for all examination of B.Th. / B.D. is 40% (or C-). The standard class for the examination and the course is follows:-

First Class
Second Class
Third Class
A+ (80% & above)
B+ (65%)
C+ (50%)
A (75%)
B (60%)
C   (45%)
A- (70%)
B- (55%)
C- (40%)

Candidates must satisfy the examiners by passing in each paper separately, and no candidate may be reexamined in a paper in which he\she has been declared as passed. (That is no re-evaluation or re-examination may be taken in order to gain a higher mark than was obtained the first time.)

Regulations governing the student’s promotion from one class to the next are available with the Academic Dean.

Academic Award
The Academic Award is presented to the graduating student who achieves the highest grade average for the four years of study (except final year Senate Examined papers). Awards will be presented on the Graduation Day of the Seminary.

Other Awards

  1. Andriyas Noel Memorial Award for Mission and Evangelism.
  2. Teddy Chattree Memorial Award for Church Music.
  3. Eusebius Memorial Award for Church Music.
  4. Mr. Alfred Victor Singh award for Biblical Languages
  5. ECI Allahabad Homiletics Award
  6. Rev. Stephen Barnabas Award for Children Ministry
  7. Mr. P. Moses Memorial Award for Practical ministries
  8. Rev. K. Abraham Memorial Academic Award

Conditions for Graduation
To qualify for a degree or diploma, a student must meet the following requirements.

  1. Academics: The successful completion of all required subjects with a minimum of C- Grade.
  2. Financial: All Seminary bills and other financial obligations must be paid, or adequate arrangements for the payment must be made in consultation with the Principal of the Seminary.
  3. Personal character: The student should demonstrate evidence of his commitment to Christ, of his consistent growth in Christian maturity, and show a spirit of love and zeal for the service of Christ. His character should be appropriate to that of a Christian minister.
  4. Practical Work: For all students a certain period of field practical experience under supervision is required. This requirement may be fulfilled during two consecutive summer vacations or in one year of internship during the time of study. Such experience will be in addition to the evangelistic activities of the student throughout the academic year.

NB. The student should note that the B.D. degree is granted only by Senate of Serampore College at its annual convocation in the month of January/February. This means that a graduate will not receive his/her degree for about 8-9 months following the Seminary’s graduation service in the month of April.

A transcript of academic record or mark list may be obtained from the office of the Academic Dean. Transcript fees, which are to be paid in advance, are as follows: Rs. 150/- (Rupees One hundred and fifty only) for each transcript. Transcript from the Senate of Serampore College (University) can be obtained after paying prescribed amount given in the requisition form. Requisition form available in the Academic Dean’s office.

Medical Arrangements
Students must attend to all dental and ocular needs before coming to the Seminary. For medical needs, a government hospital is located directly across the street from the Seminary. A private nursing home is situated next door to the seminary where ABS students get a lot of concessions. Medical expenses will be paid according to the instructions given in writing by the sponsoring organization. The students who expect to collect medical refunds from their Sponsors are required to bring written instruction from the sponsor regarding the medical expenses policy.

Theological Education by Extension
Allahabad Bible Seminary offers Theological Education by Extension in both Hindi and English medium. It aims to educate the lay people theologically to do ministry and to mould the faith community in respective contexts. We provide specially prepared course material and facilitate the students to meet their teachers and tutors to have discussion and exposure. At present, we offer three steams of theological education by extension:

*Bachelor of Theological Studies (B.T.S. 4 Years for 12th pass or fail candidates)
*Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S. 4 Years for Graduates of any discipline from a recognized university or B.Th with Second Class)
* Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip.C.S. 2 Years for 12th pass or fail candidates)


First Year

First Semester Second Semester
P.Code Course P.Code Course
English I
Sociology I
Psychology I
Philosophical Foundations I
Relation between Old & New Testament
People of God in Worship
English II
Sociology II
Psychology II
Philosophical Foundations II
Relation between Old & New Testament
People of God in Worship

Second Year

  First Semester   Second Semester
P.Code Course P.Code Course







Biblical Hebrew: Preliminary and Advanced

General Introduction to Post-Biblical Judaism (in lieu of BC 101 Hebrew-Advanced)
Discerning the Signs of the Times
Histories and Cultures of India/South Asian regions
Introduction to Mission Studies: Contextual and Methodological issues
Personal and vocational formation of a Christian minister
Study Methods
Methodologies:Religions, Historiographies, Biblical studies
English III









NT Greek: preliminary & advanced

Life and ministry of the Early Christians according to the Acts of the Apostles (in lieu of BC 102 Greek-Advanced)

General Introduction to the Bible and its contents.                                 Understanding Indian Society

Theological Methodologies from the Margins

Introduction to Worship and Preaching

Introduction to Communication studies for Christian Ministry


Third Year

  First Semester   Second Semester
P.Code Course P.Code Course





Life and Faith of the people of God in the Hebrew Bible
Biblical Hermeneutics
Introduction to Christian Social Ethics
Introduction to the Indian Religious Traditions

(a)Sanskrit,(b) Arabic (c) Syriac (d) Pali (optional)
History of Christianity from the First to the 18th Cent.
Information and Communication Technologies: Implications for Christian Ministry








Jesus Movement in the Gospel Traditions (E/G)
Introduction to Christian Doctrines
Introduction to Christian Theologies in India                                         Introduction to the Indian Religious Traditions
(a)Sanskrit,(b) Arabic (c) Syriac (d) Pali (optional)

Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

Introduction to Christian Education

Fourth Year

First Semester Second Semester
P.Code Course P.Code Course
Re-reading the Bible from Feminist, Dalit, Tribal and Adivasi perspectives
Violence, Justice, peace and Human rights: Biblical  and Ethical perspectives
History of Christianity in India(s)
Detailed study of any one religious traditions
Liturgy and Music in worship
Marriage and Family Counseling
Women in the History of Christianity
Jesus Tradition in Paul and Pauline circle (s)
Prophetic response to the struggles of the people of God (s)
Person and Work of Christ (s)
Development of contemporary Global
Missiological perspectives (s)
History of Christianity in India (S)
Christian faith and witness in Pluralistic
Societies (s)
History of Christian Thought in India (s)

Fifth Year

First Semester Second Semester
P.Code Course P.Code Course
Reading of Apocalyptic Books
History of Christianity of Tribals, Adivasis and Dalits in India
Modern Religio-Socio Political Movements in India (s)
Christian Education for Social Change
Church Organization and Pastoral
Crisis counseling
Inclusive community: HIV/AIDS, Children at risk, Disability perspective
Green Theology
Hope in suffering and joy in Liberation ( S)
History of the Ecumenical Movement
Modern Religio-Socio Political Movements  in India (s)
Science and Religion (s)
Dalit/Tribal Theologies (s)
Feminist theologies (s)

Please note that these syllabuses are subject to addition, correction and modification time to time by the   by the Senate of Serampore College.

Special Lectures
The Seminary schedules debates and special lectures on selected themes of relevance and interest by distinguished guests and scholars who are available.

Student Sponsorship
Allahabad Bible Seminary has students from different denominations and cultural and regional backgrounds. Though we have a fee-structure for each programme, it is not sufficient to meet all the expenses of a student within the given fee-structure. In fact, all students are either fully or partially sponsored by the Seminary. We sponsor students irrespective of denominations, culture, region etc with a sole purpose of the extension of the Kingdom of God.