Community Development Programmes

Community Development Programmes
  1. Social Services Department (SSD)

Allahabad Bible Seminary not only trains and equips young men and women for pastoral ministry but also develops in them an awareness regarding the needs of those who are suffering and neglected in society. The special ministries under Social Services Department of ABS:

  1. Ministry to the People affected with LEPROSY

Providing medical assistance to the affected with leprosy through a cooperative effort with local hospital; encouraging the public in leprosy awareness and its cure through education in schools, street plays, seminars for a local public and the church.

  1. HIV-AIDS Programme

Conducting HIV\AIDS awareness seminars and workshops for theological students, members of the local congregation and general public, and Seminary students will be involved with street plays and distribution of educational pamphlets in schools, colleges and roadside Dhabas.

  1. Ministry to Rag-Pickers and Street Children

Establishing Children Hobby-Centre which will provide preventive health care; imparting income generating skills; monthly social events; encouraging and providing primary and middle education to the interested children.

  1. Erny Memorial Senior Secondary School

Erny Memorial Senior Secondary School is an education wing of Allahabad Bible Seminary. The School has classes from Nursery to 11th and is affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi.  We consider education as a tool to transform the society. The School is blessed with experienced and competent teachers, and well-equipped laboratories and library. The school provides free education to the children from economically poor families. The children of missionaries, pastors, students of the Allahabad Bible Seminary and believers are given priority in admission and scholarship.