Community Life

Devotional Life

Sermon Evaluation

Sermon Evaluation is another salient feature of Allahabad Bible Seminary. It is to teach the students to preach the Word of God systematically and meaningfully. Usually Sermon Evaluation is conducted on Thursdays between 2:30pm to 4:00 pm. The faculty and students will be assigned to evaluate the sermon of students preached in the Chapel. In the Sermon Evaluation students are taught and reminded of the need of contextualizing the Sermons.

Ministry Fellowship Group
Ministry Fellowship Group is met every Wednesday between 9: 45 am to 10:20 am. Each fellowship group consists of one or two faculties and 8-10 students. The concerned group meets regularly to share the personal or community concerns and to uphold the Seminary family and the group members in prayer. In this fellowship, the faculty and students spend time for prayer, devotion and merriment. The purpose of this fellowship group is to bring the Seminary family more closely and to make the community life vibrant.

Community Communion Service
Once in a month, we as a family conduct Community Communion Service between 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. The aim of this Service is to facilitate the entire Seminary family to partake in the Holy Communion. Faculty and Students conduct and celebrate the Communion. It gives not only spiritual nourishment but also ministerial exposure to the student community.

Faculty Prayer Fellowship
Faculty of Allahabad Bible Seminary meets alternative Tuesdays for prayer and fellowship in faculty apartments. It helps the faculty families to share their joys and concerns each other and to build up relationships.

Regional Fellowship 
Regional Fellowship makes Allahabad Bible Seminary as the multi-lingual and multi-cultural Christian Worship Center. Allahabad Mizo Christian Fellowship, held on every Sunday afternoon between 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. South Indian Fellowship meets every Saturday on 7:45 p.m. Tamil – Malayalam Fellowship is held very Sunday on 5:00 p.m. onwards. North East Fellowship convenes its worship every Sunday on 5:00 p.m. Hindi Aradhana Sangati conducts its worship fellowship on 5:30 p.m. every Saturday and Presbyterian Fellowship has been held weekly on Saturday between 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Annual Spiritual Life Convention 
Annual Spiritual Life Convention is another venture of Allahabad Bible Seminary. It is conducted in the month of February. It gives an opportunity to the Seminary family and the Christian communities in Allahabad to hear the soul stirring messages from well-known preachers.

Student Missionary Fellowship (SMF)
Student Missionary Fellowship is one of the salient features of Allahabad Bible Seminary. It aims to raise mission awareness among the members of the Seminary family. Our students visit churches in and around Allahabad to encourage the believers to engage and support the mission activities of the Seminary. The SMF conducts an annual missionary conference and raises funds for the mission activities of Seminary.


Music: Music has always played an important part in the cultural and devotional life of the Seminary. Each year Hindi and English choirs are organized, and they perform in Seminary programs as well as in other churches and functions in Allahabad.

Sports: Along with spiritual and academic activities, ABS involves with sports activities under the leadership of the Committee of Sports and Games headed by the Director of Sports and Games. The Director is a faculty member chosen annually by the Principal. Similarly one Sports Captain and two vice-captains are also chosen by the student body to represent men and women. The Seminary’s sports program includes weekly compulsory game periods. These consist of volleyball, badminton, football, cricket, and various indoor games such as table tennis, chess and carrom. Students are allowed to engage in sports activities between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Annual Sports Day is the culmination of all sports activities for which the Seminar Community is prepared. Besides, there could be either soccer or cricket match between Staff and Students. The ABS Team also participate Inter-Church Cricket Tournaments in Allahabad City.

The Social and Religious and Cultural (SARAC) Committee is one of the important organs of the Allahabad Bible Seminary. It takes care of all the activities and functions related to the social, religious and cultural aspects of the Seminary family (Freshers’ Welcome Nite, Independence Day Flag HoistingChristmas BonfireDay of Labour (Sram Dan), Christmas CarolingRepublic Day Flag Hoisting CeremonyExtempore Speech CompetitionFarewell FunctionCultural Show etc…) The Committee comprises of two faculty in-charge and the class representatives. Cultural Programmes are organized from time to time especially on Independence Day, Republic Day etc… During Christmas celebrations the Seminary community also performs Carol singing of different linguistic and cultural groups. The cultural programmes help the Seminary family taste the beauty of Indian cultural diversity.


Student Christian Movement-India
Allahabad Bible Seminary

SCMI-Allahabad Bible Seminary Unit is an integral part of SCMI, and it is functioning as the local facilitator to implement various programmes. The same mindedness of SCMI and ABS on the issues and principles of the Christian faith and burden of the Gospel has been helping to carry out task of SCMI through ABS-Unit very smoothly. ABS Unit is a long standing partner to SCMI and vice versa where cause of the Gospel comes first. ABS-Unit functions under a governing body which is formed under the inspiring leadership of ABS Principal from the present student body. It is a well-represented diverse body, and it lasts for a year.

ABS-Unit facilitates various academic and community development programmes. The office bearers implement the ethos of SCMI, and so involve in uplifting needy students, creating awareness on various socio-religious issues to equip students to face the challenges of the church and society in a better and effective way. In the academic year 2009-2010 we have started the programmes such as English Language Course and Basic Computer Course. These programmes are mainly for the students from poor background. We conduct classes thrice in a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).