We have separate hostel facilities for men and women: Manfred Kohl Boys Hostel and Carmel Girls Hostel. Each room is furnished with sufficient cots, writing desks, chairs and bookcases. A well equipped mess which can accommodate 1000 people is being run inside the campus.  Our mess is run by the students themselves.

Married Students Quarters is another feature of Allahabad Bible Seminary. Arrangements are made so that each family can do its own housekeeping. The seminary provides sufficient cots, tables, chairs and bookcases for each couple except cooking utensils and other household necessities such as bedding, blanket, and mosquito nets.

Wesley and Betty Duewel Faculty Apartments make our faculty stay pleasant and comfortable. The Faculty apartments facilitate the comfortable of 11 faculty families apart from other faculty housing inside the campus. The Principal’s Bungalow makes the Seminary more beautiful and historic.

We also have Staff Quarters (Kramptz Block) to accommodate the office staffs who are coming from long distance.

Guest Rooms are also available in our Campus. We accommodate the pastors, missionaries, and believers who come to Allahabad or to visit the Seminary. Guest rooms are given for reasonable charges.

The Seminary has facilities for Conferences and other Christian Programmes. We have a well spacious Chapel which can be used for conferences and a Multi-purpose Hall which can contain 1000 people to attend any type of programme. We also have air-conditioned Board Room to meet 25 people.

Allahabad Bible Seminary has a spacious Play Ground of two acres which is conducive for any type of game.

Facilities are available in the campus where textbooks and other books may be purchased. In the book store, theological books from leading publishers can be purchased.

Computerized Library
The Seminary library has a well equipped computerized library. Fine collection of theological books and those dealing with Biblical studies and other disciplines are available in the library. It also has valuable reference works. While most of the books are in English, there is a good collection of books in Hindi and Urdu. The books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal System. Over 22700 hundred volumes have been accessioned so far, and the library budget permits the constant addition of new titles. About 100 periodicals (secular and theological) and publications are received regularly for the periodical room. We purchase books from leading publishing agencies in India and abroad. We have sufficient books in all departments of theological education under the Senate of Serampore College. In order to improve our library, we spend maximum amount to purchase current books and to subscribe national and international journals.

Library is divided in different sections: General, Reference, Periodical & Journal and Computer lab.  In the general section, books are arranged according to department. In the reference section, Bible Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Theological Dictionaries, Year Books, World Books, Encyclopedia of Religions, Dictionaries and Thesaurus, Bible Maps and Atlas are kept. In the periodical and journal section, Periodical Journals and Magazines are available.

Computer Lab: The Seminary has a well equipped computer lab for the students to access internet resources for their research programme.

We also have Xerox machine in the library for the use of the Students to photo copy the material for their studies. We charge less payment for the same.