Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministry of Allahabad Bible Seminary is one of the main sources of ministerial exposure for the Female students. Generally Women’s ministry comes under the practical ministry department of ABS. God has enabled us to start the ministry among the women in different villages in Allahabad district. Through this ministry we could proclaim the good news among the women in different villages and give awareness on spiritual, social and physical evils and bondages.  The Female students of ABS and the women faculties are actively involved in this ministry.


  1. Almost all women in the villages where we concentrate are illiterate.
  2. They are daily laborers (like domestic servants, stone breaking, working in the fields in cultivation, harvesting etc.)
  3. They are very poor in health and hygiene
  4. They don’t have much teaching on morality and thus no secured life for girls.
  5. They are unaware of proper health caring. They are not able to afford basic needs and educational needs for their children. Therefore, majority of the children don’t   go to school. Even if they go, most of them are dropped out from the school after 5th and 6th class.
  6. They face Un-employment -Financial crisis in family.

Future Plan

  1. Free Medical camp (to teach on health and hygiene).
  2. Adult education  (to train the women to read and write)
  3. Help the children in their education ( free tuition and financial help for children)
  4. Implement self- employment scheme.
  5. Counseling programme
  6. Women’s Retreat (Bringing the women from all these villages into our Seminary campus and have one day retreat in which we can teach them on different topics for the upliftment of their life and encourage them to come out from the social stigmas which have bounded up them and encourage them to have fellowship and love with other people and to have more knowledge of Jesus Christ).
  7. Social and Moral teaching (giving awareness on saving, Family planning, marriage, moral life, addictions to drugs, pan, alcohol).


ABS Women’s Fellowship

Women’s fellowship in ABS was started to give some spiritual nourishment and training to the wives of the married students. Today, it is part of the spiritual formation curriculum. Women faculties, married ladies and all the female students meet once in a week on Wednesday afternoons for Bible study, worship, prayer and fellowship. ABS Women’s Fellowship emphasizes the spiritual and Christian responsibilities of women in church and family. It wants to impart knowledge and awareness as well to develop personal skills. Everyone, especially the final year women students, have been involved actively as a learning experience for future ministry among women. Alternately the final year girls and the involved women faculties take turns to prepare the Bible study. The topics are selected in such a way, that they emphasize issues relevant for women. Women’s fellowship is usually held in the prayer hall of the Girls Hostel followed by some refreshments, but once in while the married ladies open their houses and provide a special treat.